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  • Okeechobee HagAnaH Military Self-Defense Training

     HagAnaH training is 50 percent MENTAL TOUGHNESS and combat conditioning training. This form of training is based on my masters direct experience in the notorious Golani Bridgade of the IDF. 15 percent of HaganaH is selected KRAV MAGA self-defense techniques that have been enhanced and tailored to fit the principles of HaganaH and the environments in which it is utilized in real combat. 15 percent of HaganaH is made up of selected HISARDUT fighting techniques that mesh well with HaganaH’s method of fighting. 10 percent of HaganaH is LOTAR techniques used by Israeli Special Forces operators currently in Israel and the remaining 10 percent are the techniques my master learned in the U.S. both from the military community and the martial arts community.  Ultimately, HaganaH is 90 percent a blend of the two Israeli Martial Arts (Krav Maga and Hisardut) super charged with the Israel Special Forces tactics of Lotar.  The final 10 percent is functional Combat Sports Martial Arts that my Master Mike Lee Kanarek incorporated from his time in the U.S.A.  HagAnaH is the Apex Evolution of I.D.F. Military Combat Training and Self-Defense.


  • Start The New Year Out Right! & Join RCK Training Center 2018

      Come join RCK Training Center in 2018 and start the new year out right and become the weapon. The Benefits of Martial Arts Training with Rays Combat Kickboxing classes are the ultimate combination of a total body workout and self development programs that teaches life-saving self defense skills for street or sport – all rolled into one Hybrid Combative training center with many packages that fit your family needs. The martial arts changes more than just your body – it can change your life in so many ways. For Kids, Teens & Adults,
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  • Okeechobees Ray’s Combat Kickboxing Fight Center

    RCK Training Center in Okeechobee Florida offers world class martial arts training and while many people think that Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai are very similar, in terms of technique and fighting styles, they are in many ways, completely different. Although there are universal techniques that are shared between the sports, the implementation varies depending on the sport and the individual. Thai Boxing is also a very good street defense. Kickboxing is a generic term for fighting sport systems that use kicking and boxing techniques, though the rules of some but not all kickboxing groups which do allow additional techniques such as elbows, knees and clinching. Muay Thai is a sport form distilled from the traditional Thai martial arts called (Muay boran). These are just a few of the added benefits of our combat kickboxing workout programs. These systems were designed with the sole purpose of personal safety and defense which Includes the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Combat Sequences and fighting strategies, the Modern & effective Self-Defense Training in HagAnaH an I.D.F. style of military combat training system which includes everything from knife defense, gun disarms, rifle disarms, empty hand 2 hand combat along with ground survival, knife fighting and combat shooting. Ray’s Combat Kickboxing Fight Center not only offers World Class Sport fight training it brings in some of the best militarty combat training called HaganaH and we have a wide platform of combative fitness training which help build our students into more complete warriors for street defense or sport fighting.

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  • Okeechobee Sports Muay Thai KickBoxing

    Okeechobee Muay Thai Kickboxing For Sport Fighting Or Street Defense.

    RCK Muay Thai Girl  Learning muay thai defensive techniques like how to check a kick, parry punches or counter your opponent with movement drills, and building a tuff mindset are essential skills to have in order to be successful in the ring or in a street fight. If you are unable to defened yourself chances are you are going to end up getting hurt or just have more bumps, bruises and injuries than the fighters who are more elusive and have better defense and counter attacks in the fight.   RCK – Muay Thai Kickboxing Fight Center brings all the sport and street defenses of muay thai all together for you to defend yourself inside or outside the ring.  We must understand that our bodies are truly weapons and we must build them up with training drills and lots of pad work and sparring so that overtime you will have the skills that you need to defend yourself anywhere at anytime.    Muay Thai is great for Kids, Teens & Adults,  we start them at age 6 here at our training center and its never to late to start learing how to fight and defend yourself.  Taking part in any of the Muay Thai traditions can be accessible to anyone with an open mind about hard training, but keep in mind that certain traditions and ceremonies have minor differences and can hold different meanings with each individual Muay Thai training camp, trainer or gym so regardless of the teacher or gym, these traditions are designed to make a permanent impression on the minds of anyone willing to truly commit to the art of eight limb style training.   Come join our muay thai program you will get into the best shape of your life as you learn the most important values of combat self-defense.   

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