Okeechobees Ray’s Combat Kickboxing Fight Center

RCK Training Center in Okeechobee Florida offers world class martial arts training and while many people think that Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai are very similar, in terms of technique and fighting styles, they are in many ways, completely different. Although there are universal techniques that are shared between the sports, the implementation varies depending on the sport and the individual. Thai Boxing is also a very good street defense. Kickboxing is a generic term for fighting sport systems that use kicking and boxing techniques, though the rules of some but not all kickboxing groups which do allow additional techniques such as elbows, knees and clinching. Muay Thai is a sport form distilled from the traditional Thai martial arts called (Muay boran). These are just a few of the added benefits of our combat kickboxing workout programs. These systems were designed with the sole purpose of personal safety and defense which Includes the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Combat Sequences and fighting strategies, the Modern & effective Self-Defense Training in HagAnaH an I.D.F. style of military combat training system which includes everything from knife defense, gun disarms, rifle disarms, empty hand 2 hand combat along with ground survival, knife fighting and combat shooting. Ray’s Combat Kickboxing Fight Center not only offers World Class Sport fight training it brings in some of the best militarty combat training called HaganaH and we have a wide platform of combative fitness training which help build our students into more complete warriors for street defense or sport fighting.

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Instructor Ray


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