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Above Top Left Are The Only IKF Full Contact World Champions From Okeechobee Florida, From 2013 to 2017.


Matt Tullio I.K.F.  2017 World Champion: Matt had two full contact kickboxing fights over the weekend to earn this which is truly not an easy task for any fighter. We are very proud of him and all his success, hard work and dedication always pays off.


Battle at the Big O


 Fighting Out Of Ray’s Combat Kickboxing,  Manuel Sanchez, 2015 Full Contact Kickboxing Champion

Okeechobee AG Center Belt Holder (Okeechobee, Florida, U.S.A.




Leonel Ruiz 1st Full Contact Muay Thai Kickboxing Cage Fight At The 2013 Sebring Swamp Brawl.  Leonel now has a full contact fight record of 2-2 and he is well on his way to the top! Leonel is a great student and trains like he means it every time he steps on the mat.  With his committed fight training and high performance conditioning, strength and fighting skill development his level of fighting in the ring speaks for itself when you watch him goto battle. We are really proud of him and all of his achievements.



The RCK Fight Team at the 2013 IKF World Kickboxing & Muay Thai Championships July 19-20-21st.  

Manuel Sanchez and Pascual Ruiz both won there 1st full contact fight on Sat to join Sebastian Fulleda and Mike Weisberg for the Championship fights on Sunday and all of them walked the walk as true warriors in the ring.  16 year old Sebastian Fulleda did outstanding winning the Jr. Full Contact Kickboxing Championships by KO! In the 1st round.  Leonel Ruiz back for the 2nd time fighting at the IKF World Championships had a tuff fight going all 3 rounds and we were all thinking he got it or just maybe they would add on a 4th round but the fight win went to the other corner blocking our warrior from the  Championship fights on Sunday.  We are so proud of our whole RCK Fight Team. There will always be people who talk about fighting but few of them ever walk the walk and fight full contact in the ring!  It’s a true blessing to have such wonderful students to pass knowledge onto and everyone of these guy’s spend 2 or 3 hours a day training with me about 3 or 4 days a week.   A special thanks goes out to Gerald Shockly for all his help over the years. He is a great student and friend and we love all your support! any teacher would be lucky to have you.



The RCK Fight Team at the 2012 IKF World Kickboxing & Muay Thai Championships July 19-20-21st.  

 Heather Peterson entered into her 1st Full Contact Kickboxing Fight at the 2012 IKF World Championships and she showed everyone that she is one tuff fighter with some good skills. Heather going into battle for 3 full rounds and we really thought that she won the fight but sometimes decisions go to the other corner of the ring and that’s what happened that day.

 Leonel Ruiz entered into his 1st Full Contact Kickboxing Fight at the 2012 IKF World Championships also and Won his 1st Full Contact Fight By Unanimous decision that day and moved into the finals championship fights on July 20th where he had to go into battle again for 3 hard full contact rounds and he also had the decision goto the other corner in the finals.  Both Heather & Leonel proved that they are ring warriors by getting in there and walking the walk. We are so proud of them and everything that they have done.



 IKF 2013 – 16 year old Sebastian Fulleda did outstanding winning the Jr. Full Contact Kickboxing Championships by KO! In the 1st round.





2015 World Classic Tournament Champion: I.K.F. Full Contact

  1. Taylor Bradshaw (Neptune Beach, Florida, USA, 3-0, 142.8, 5’7″, 16, 5-22-99, Jeff Oxley, (904) 629-3316) defeated
  2. Ariana Cortez (Okeechobee, Florida, USA, 0-0, 141.6, 5’2″, 17, 7-22-98, Coleman Ray, (863) 467-1806) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 & 29-27.

All Team Members and Coaches will be listed soon.

More Fighter Updates To Come With Fights Listed With Records By The RCK Fight Team.



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