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RCK Specialized Private Training

 Our specialized training programs are made just for you!  The best way for real athletes and even you to get the results even faster is with specialized training.  We  identify areas in need of improvement and build on them based on the athletes needs.  We have many clients and most of them are looking for something thats more conforming to them as it should be and that’s why we offer specialized training programs. Specialized training with Combat Fitness Cross Training works on your Overall Conditioning, Strength Performance, Flexibility, Fighting Skills, Self-Defense,  and the BY-PRODUCT is looking and feeling great when you stay committed to the training program.  Your excellence and advancements in high performance conditioning and strength development will speak for itself when your ready to put yourself to the test.  We have a sincere interest in helping today’s fighters, athletes and you! on your quest for greatness that’s why we also offer specialized training with Combat Fitness Cross Training.  It’s something that most other programs just do not offer and when it comes to real athletes the job of the Instructor is to identify areas in need of improvement, and then customize the workouts specific to these needs, rather than conforming to a generic model.  If such a model existed, there would be no need for strength and conditioning specialists. Athletes would all follow the exact same plan.  Such a generic plan does not exist, so do not force such a model on all your athletes because they all have different needs for each sport and they deserve better don’t they.  Now of course anyone can get fit with our programs and so many people have, but here I’m talking about other athletes not just fighters and you.  If your looking for a fitness program make sure you find one that never sacrifices skill and conditioning for strength work and steer clear of failure when training for pure strength and most of all make sure that you always focus on quality over quantity when it comes down to clock work! ( What’s The Rush! ) It’s really all about your overall quality performance when your training that’s how you get great safe results without damage to the body.   It’s Your Body So Choose Your Fitness Wisely.


For Specialized Private Combat Fitness Cross Training just give us a call# 863-467-1806

Anyone Can Be Fit! But Are You Combat Fit? At Ray’s Combat Kickboxing You Will Get World Class Training

Under Real Martial Arts & Fitness Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience.

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