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    Okeechobee Muay Thai Kickboxing For Sport Fighting Or Street Defense.

    RCK Muay Thai Girl  Learning muay thai defensive techniques like how to check a kick, parry punches or counter your opponent with movement drills, and building a tuff mindset are essential skills to have in order to be successful in the ring or in a street fight. If you are unable to defened yourself chances are you are going to end up getting hurt or just have more bumps, bruises and injuries than the fighters who are more elusive and have better defense and counter attacks in the fight.   RCK – Muay Thai Kickboxing Fight Center brings all the sport and street defenses of muay thai all together for you to defend yourself inside or outside the ring.  We must understand that our bodies are truly weapons and we must build them up with training drills and lots of pad work and sparring so that overtime you will have the skills that you need to defend yourself anywhere at anytime.    Muay Thai is great for Kids, Teens & Adults,  we start them at age 6 here at our training center and its never to late to start learing how to fight and defend yourself.  Taking part in any of the Muay Thai traditions can be accessible to anyone with an open mind about hard training, but keep in mind that certain traditions and ceremonies have minor differences and can hold different meanings with each individual Muay Thai training camp, trainer or gym so regardless of the teacher or gym, these traditions are designed to make a permanent impression on the minds of anyone willing to truly commit to the art of eight limb style training.   Come join our muay thai program you will get into the best shape of your life as you learn the most important values of combat self-defense.   

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  • Okeechobee RCK Family

    Our RCK Family has grown over the years. We have a great crew that loves to work with the new students as they step onto the mat for training.  Many have a common interest in Muay Thai Kickboxing, HaganaH or Combat Fitness Training and our students love to push each other which is fantastic for us.  I have seen so many come into our school and get stronger, faster and fit for fighting with healthy physically changes for the whole body. Yes!  All this warrior training works wonders on the body and mind.  We have a great place that we can all train together and form lasting friendships with each other.

    Our main goal for all of  our students is character building along with getting you combat fit so that you can really protect yourself if you must and that’s a huge part of what we are all about. Martial Arts to us has always been a way of life, not just fighting. The last thing we want to do is fight in the street, but if we are forced to protect ourself then it’s on!   We offer many world class systems like HaganaH Self-Defense, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Combat Fitness, Combat Wrestling, Fit To Fight, Teen RCK, Women’s RCK Fitness, Sparring Fight Club, Ground Fighting, BJJ, Open Mat Training, JL-Kickboxing, I.T.K. Knife Fighting, Kids Kickbox Fitness.  We also offer private training which can be booked anytime at the school.

    Anyone Look Fit! But Are You Combat Fit? At Ray’s Combat Kickboxing You Will Get World Class Training Under Real Martial Arts & Fitness Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience. RCK Training Center where can you can Get Fit & Get Defense for less than $80.00 a month. We Offer many packages to meet your needs.



    1st Dan Black Belt Instructor Susan Ray with The Greatest Fighter Of All Time 10th Dan Grandmaster Master Joe Lewis and 3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor Coleman Ray.   Last Year We Lost Master Lewis and it hit everyone that knew him very hard. He was a great man a true warrior that served his country and became a true martial arts hero.  He was also a great fighter and teacher that passed on so much knowledge to his students, really you just could not get enough.  He touched so many of us and made us better.  We All Miss You. R.I.P. Sir!



    The RCK Fight Team at the 2013 IKF World Kickboxing & Muay Thai Championships.  

    Manuel Sanchez and Pascual Ruiz both won there 1st full contact fight on Sat to join Sebastian Fulleda and Mike Weisberg for the Championship fights on Sunday and all of them walked the walk as true warriors in the ring.  16 year old Sebastian Fulleda did outstanding winning the Jr. Full Contact Kickboxing Championships by KO! In the 1st round.  Leonel Ruiz back for the 2nd time fighting at the IKF World Championships had a tuff fight going all 3 rounds and we were all thinking he got it or just maybe they would add on a 4th round but the fight win went to the other corner blocking our warrior from the  Championship fights on Sunday.  We are so proud of our whole RCK Fight Team. There will always be people who talk about fighting but few of them ever walk the walk and fight full contact in the ring!  It’s a true blessing to have such wonderful students to pass knowledge onto and everyone of these guy’s spend 2 or 3 hours a day training with me about 3 or 4 days a week.   A special thanks goes out to Gerald Shockly for all his help over the years. He is a great student and friend and we love all your support! any teacher would be lucky to have you.

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    RCK FITNESS & DEFENSE WEBPAGE: http://combatguard.wix.com/rckfitness




  • Combat Fitness It’s Fitness For Fighters & You!


    RCK Combat Fitness is committed to excellence and advancements in high performance conditioning and strength development for fighters and you. We have a sincere interest in helping today’s fighters, athletes and you! on your quest to greatness that’s why we also offer specialized training with combat fitness something that most other programs just do not offer. When it comes to real athletes the job of the Instructor is to identify areas in need of improvement, and then customize the workouts specific to these needs, rather than conforming to a generic model. If such a model existed, there would be no need for strength and conditioning specialists. Athletes would all follow the exact same plan. Such a generic plan does not exist, so do not force such a model on all your athletes. They deserve better don’t they. Now of course anyone can get fit with our programs and so many have, but here I’m talking about other athletes not just fighters and you. If your looking for a program make sure you find one that never sacrifices skill and conditioning for strength work and steer clear of failure when training for pure strength and most of all make sure that you always focus on quality over quantity with any training program! For Specialized Private Combat Fitness Training 

    Call# 863-467-1806

    Anyone Can Be Fit! But Are You Combat Fit? At Ray’s Combat Kickboxing You Will Get World Class Training Under Real Martial Arts & Fitness Experts With Over 25 Years Of Experience.

    RCK Training Center where can you can Get Fit & Get Defense for less than $80.00 a month. We Offer many packages to meet your needs. 

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    Get Fit! & Get Defense! with Combat Fitness At Ray’s Combat Kickboxing Self-Defense & Fitness Center
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